Get your cheeky Float tote

Here at Float, we love a freebie. And we love doing our bit for our little old planet. So we got some tote bags done for our customers!

Even though we get our delicious JUST MILK delivered to our door regularly, we still need to go to the shops every now and then. Meaning we still use those pesky plastic bags. Even when we use a bag for life, we know it’s not really a bag for ‘life’. Once we’ve stuck the week’s shopping in there for a few month’s, they start to wear out. They rip and the handles break off.

So we thought – ‘let’s do our own tote bags’. And we set our designer on it and he came up with a rather cheeky little design. 😳

cheeky float tote bags
Thanks for the shot by cottonbro from Pexels
Float tote bags arrive in the office

Gloat while you float

After much deliberation (1 minute), we decided let’s go with it and a few weeks later, we got a box full of them delivered. And now we’re ready to deliver them to you, our customers.


So how do I get my hands on a cheeky tote, we hear you ask?

Good question. All you need to do is be a regular float customer. In other words, get your milk or any other float products delivered regularly for 3 months and we will send you your very own float tote. So make sure you have your regular order in and get ready to gloat about your tote down the supermarket or wherever you want!

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JUST MILK Semi-Skimmed is a good product and the customer service was very good too, thank you.”

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