Lactose Free JUST MILK

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We think Lactose-Free JUST MILK is the best-tasting lactose-free, long-life milk on the market, including refrigerated milk brands, but don’t take our word for it; put it to the test yourself.

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Lactose Free JUST MILK

Delicious Lactose-Free Milk

1Litre bottles of Lactose Free Just Milk.  A tasty, creamy, long-life milk with 0% lactose.  Each pack contains 6 x 1L bottles

Prices and quantities.
1 pack (6 x 1l bottles) – £8.04
2 packs (12 x 1l bottles) – £15.05
3 packs (18 x 1l bottles) – £22.05
4 packs (24 x 1l bottles) – £27.03
6 packs (36 x 1l bottles) – £38.93
8 packs (48 x 1l bottles) – £50.75
10 packs (60 x 1l bottles) – £62.49

Just Milk’s Lactose Free milk is widely known to be the best tasting lactose free milk on the market.  The amazing taste does not mean that it compromises on the health benefits, so you get all of the flavour without the bloating, cramps and discomfort.

Just Milk Lactose Free is perfect in tea and coffee, great for home cooking, over breakfast cereal or as a drink in itself. This Lactose Free is now available in multi-buy packs of 6, making it even more convenient. The bottles, caps and labels are all fully recyclable, making this as good a choice for the planet as it is for you.

“Great tasting milk thats a lot cheaper than any you can get in the supermarkets, the bottle is a lot easier to use than the cartons you get with other brands. just a no brainer especially with free neck day delivery.”
Adam D 
5 Star review on Trustpilot.

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2 reviews for Lactose Free JUST MILK

  1. Sha Mohamed (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, especially after reading some negative reviews. But we all love it! Highly recommended alternative to the more well-known lactose-free milk options you can get in-store. Have signed up for a regular supply from Float.

  2. adam.drackford (verified owner)

    for years I’ve been paying the extortionate price of lactose free milk in the supermarkets @ £1.90 per litre whereas from float if you buy in bulk (its not going to go off) @ just £1.25 if you buy 12 bottles. Not only the price but the milk itself even though its only 1% fat tastes lovely just like normal milk.

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