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Q: Who are we?
A: Two lazy blokes who hate going to the supermarket

If, like us, you hate shopping, you’ll love Float.

Float takes the pain of shopping away. Get your milk essentials delivered to your door 📦

Yes, you can buy milk and other essentials one off with Float, but to get the best deals, choose subscriptions and get regular deliveries. We offer fortnightly, monthly or every other month so you can stock up and forget about it.  


Not going to the shop as much, means we have more time to do the things we like 🤸🏏

So instead of shopping, we play cricket and do gymnastics. 😜 



Set up a regular order and forget about it 📆

If you choose a subscription, you can cancel or change it at any time in your account area. Simple as that.


Float subscription options

Why do we sell JUST MILK?

Good question. Well, because we genuinely think JUST MILK is the best out there. We think it tastes as delicious as traditional chilled milk but is long life and doesn’t need all the refrigeration whilst it’s being stored and transported. Meaning it’s better for the planet as well as good for us. 🌎 🥛

It is simply long life because most of the bacteria found in milk is removed as it’s quickly heated up (to 140°C to be precise) and then quickly cooled. This process is called Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) and this removes the bacteria but not the taste. In fact, it’s won awards for its taste. 😋

Award Winning Semi-Skimmed JUST MILK
Best tasting Skimmed MILK Bronze Award

“First time used this company wow fast delivery and I’m glad I have a company where I can get my milk ”

Float fan – Colin, Huntingdon – 5 star review on Trust Pilot
5 star review