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Milk & more straight to your door

    Speedy delivery! 

    We usually deliver within 1 to 2 working days. 

    Depending upon where you are based and how busy we are, deliveries can take as little as 1 working day, but it’s safer to say 2 working days. Remember no deliveries on weekends.  

    Contact-less deliveries. 

    Of course, we deliver without contact, our drivers will leave your package on your door step. Knock and step back. If you leave us specific details on where to leave your package, we’ll do that. 


    contact-less milk deliveries
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    1 to 2 working days in most cases*

    icon contact less delivery


    Doorstep drop and knock deliveries

    free delivery on large orders


    Buy more to pay less per bottle

    “Tastes great, plus stays fresh for much longer. We live quite rural so its great to know we can keep plenty in stock and not worry about it going off.”

    Float fan – Chris, Lancashire