Shipping costs

We are sure you are aware that everything is costing more right now. Everything from packaging and staffing, to rent and fuel and suppliers; the list goes on. We have been under pressure for a months now and have held off as much as possible, but we have to act now. While we are able to keep the costs of JUST MILK and our range of products at their current prices, there has to be an increase to some of our shipping costs. The shipping costs of 1 to 2 packs of milk will stay the same, but costs for larger packages will rise. See below.

1-2 packs – £3.99 shipping
3-4 packs – £5.99 shipping
5-6 packs – £7.99 Shipping
7-8 packs – £8.99 shipping
9-10 packs – £10.99 shipping

If you are on a subscription, you may notice that your regular payment will increase slightly.

5 star review

JUST MILK Semi-Skimmed is a good product and the customer service was very good too, thank you.”

Float fan – Glynn – 5 star product review